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Facing hard choices (anglais)

Document de travail 110817 DEC 01, 2016

Mahdi,Shireen; Massingue,Anna Carlotta Allen; Sharma,Natasha; Da Maia,Carlos Chadreque Penicela; Casal,Julian; Saute,Rafael

Assessing policy trade-offs with easy-to-use models in PERs : examples from the energy sector (anglais)

Fiche 106478 MAY 01, 2016

Mansour,Wael; Mahdi,Shireen; Davies,Simon; Bou Habib,Chadi

Zimbabwe - Economic growth notes : spatial integration in Zimbabwean product markets (anglais)

Document de travail AUS13486 DEC 03, 2015


Samoa - Public expenditure review notes : taking stock of expenditure trends from FY2006-FY12 (anglais)

Examen des dépenses publiques ACS7927 MAR 01, 2014

Mahdi, Shireen; Knight, David

Distance to market and search costs in an African maize market (anglais)

Document de travail de recherche sur les politiques WPS6172 AUG 01, 2012

Mahdi, Shireen

Quality contingent contracts : evidence from Tanzania's coffee market (anglais)

Document de travail de recherche sur les politiques WPS6171 AUG 01, 2012

Mahdi, Shireen