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Justice delivered locally : systems, challenges, and innovations in Solomon Islands (anglais)

This report presents the research findings of the Justice Delivered Locally (JDL) initiative of Solomon Islands' Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs, which was supported by the World Bank's Justice for the Poor (J4P) program. ... Voir la suite

Document de travail 81299 AUG 01, 2013

Allen, Matthew; Dinnen, Sinclair; Evans, Daniel; Monson, Rebecca

Evaluation of the Community Officer Project in Solomon Islands (anglais)

This evaluation assesses the performance of the Community Officer (CO) project, a trial community policing mechanism initiated by the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) in late 2009, with assistance from the Participating Police Force (PPF) of the Regional Assistance to Solomon Islands (RAMSI). ... Voir la suite

Document de travail 68715 MAY 01, 2012

Dinnen, Sinclair; Haley, Nicole

Conflict in Melanesia : themes and lessons (anglais)

This case study examines contemporary experiences of conflict in four contexts: Papua New Guinea, with particular reference to the island of Bougainville and the Highlands region; Solomon Islands; and Vanuatu. ... Voir la suite

Document de travail 62025 NOV 02, 2010

Dinnen, Sinclair; Porter, Doug; Sage, Caroline

Progress of economic development in India : memorandum for ninth meeting of India consortium (anglais)

India is seeking the equivalent of $1,100-1,150 million in new pledges of aid from the consortium for the fiscal year beginning April 1, 1964, which will be the fourth year of her third five-year plan. ... Voir la suite

Rapport aux Administrateurs 79862 FEB 14, 1964

Allen, Matthew; Dinnen, Sinclair; Evans, Daniel; Monson, Rebecca