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The Large-Firm Wage Premium in Developing Economies (anglais)

Document de travail de recherche sur les politiques WPS8997 SEP 09, 2019

Reed,Tristan; Tran,Trang Thu

Women at Work : How Can Investment Incentives be Used to Enhance Economic Opportunities for Women? (anglais)

Document de travail de recherche sur les politiques WPS8935 JUL 10, 2019

Kronfol,Hania; Nichols,Alison Mc Donell; Tran,Trang Thu

Investment Protection Along the Belt and Road (anglais)

Document de travail (série numérotée) 134017 JAN 24, 2019

Kher,Priyanka; Tran,Trang Thu

Courts and Business Registration : Evidence from Serbia (anglais)

WPS8611 OCT 11, 2018

Bruhn,Miriam; Cho,Caleb Sungwoo; Marusic,Andreja; Nguyen,Ha Minh; Reyes,Jose Daniel; Tran,Trang Thu

Investment Climate Assessment of Bhutan: Removing Constraints to Private Sector Development to Enable the Creation of More and Better Jobs (anglais)

Évaluation du climat de l’investissement (ICA) 120144 SEP 01, 2017

Santini,Massimiliano; Tran,Trang Thu; Beath,Andrew

The effect of local governance on firm productivity and resource allocation : evidence from Vietnam (anglais)

Document de travail de recherche sur les politiques WPS8118 JUN 27, 2017

Tan,Shawn Weiming; Tran,Trang Thu

Driving tourism in the Eastern Caribbean : the case for a regional Ferry (anglais)

Document de travail 103884 JAN 01, 2015

Barbet Gros,Julie Claudia Jeanne; Geyer,Brian Samuel; Shahidsaless,Raha; Tran,Trang Thu

Civil conflict and firm performance : evidence from Cote d'Ivoire (anglais)

Document de travail de recherche sur les politiques WPS6640 OCT 01, 2013

Klapper, Leora; Richmond, Christine; Tran, Trang