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Learning from Power Sector Reform : The Case of the Arab Republic of Egypt (anglais)

Document de travail de recherche sur les politiques WPS9162 FEB 25, 2020

Rana,Anshul; Khanna,Ashish

Rethinking Power Sector Reform : Positive Lessons for the Middle East and North Africa (anglais)

Fiche 148151 JAN 31, 2020

Nguyen,Tu Chi; Rana,Anshul; Fernstrom,Erik Magnus; Foster,Vivien

Cost Recovery and Financial Viability of the Power Sector in Developing Countries : Insights from 15 Case Studies (anglais)

Document de travail de recherche sur les politiques WPS9136 JAN 30, 2020

Huenteler,Joern Torsten; Hankinson,Denzel J.; Rosenthal,Nicole; Balabanyan,Ani; Kochnakyan,Arthur; Nguyen,Tu Chi; Rana,Anshul; Foster,Vivien

Rethinking Power Sector Reform in the Developing World (anglais)

Publication 144082 DEC 01, 2019

Foster,Vivien; Rana,Anshul