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Sustainable Land Management and Restoration in the Middle East and North Africa Region : Issues, Challenges, and Recommendations (anglais)

Rapport 144391 NOV 30, 2019

Meisner,Craig M.; Ebrahim,Menaal Fatima

Using Micro-Data to Inform Durable Solutions for IDPs (Vol. 2) : Volume B : Country Case Studies (anglais)

Document de travail 136740 APR 18, 2019

Petrini,Benjamin; Phipps-Ebeler,Verena; Woodhouse,Andrea Fitri; Appler,Felix Konstantin; Sharma,Ambika; Udo-Udo,Jacob; Ebrahim,Menaal Fatima; Iqbal,Syedah Aroob; Nezam,Taies; Pape,Utz Johann; Meckelburg,Alexander Benjamin

Reducing poverty through improved agro-logistics in a fragile country : findings from a trader survey in South Sudan (anglais)

120347 AUG 01, 2017

Pape,Utz Johann; Benson,Matthew Sterling; Ebrahim,Menaal Fatima; Lole,Jane Yaya