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The performance of Bulgarian food markets during reform (anglais)

Document de travail de recherche sur les politiques WPS4876 MAR 01, 2009

Larson, Donald F.; Sarris, Alexander

Gauging the welfare effects of shocks in rural Tanzania (anglais)

Document de travail de recherche sur les politiques WPS4406 NOV 01, 2007

Christiaensen, Luc; Hoffmann, Vivian; Sarris, Alexander

Coffee price risk in perspective - household vulnurability among rural coffee growing smallholders in rural Tanzania (anglais)

Document de travail 41690 MAR 10, 2006

Christiaensen, Luc; Hoffman, Vivian; Sarris, Alexander

The demand for commodity insurance by developing country agricultural producers - theory and an application to cocoa in Ghana (anglais)

Document de travail de recherche sur les politiques WPS2887 SEP 30, 2002

Sarris, Alexander

The role of agriculture in economic development and poverty reduction : an empirical and conceptual foundation (anglais)

Document de travail (série numérotée) 25038 AUG 31, 2001

Sarris, Alexander

The World Bank economic review 5(2) (anglais)

Publication 17597 MAY 31, 1991

Squire, Lyn; Milanovic, Branko; Pissarides, Christopher A.; Ahmad, Ehtisham; Yan Wang; Sahn, David E.; Sarris, Alexander; Behrman, Jere R.; Deolalikar, Anil B.; Bourguignon, Francois; Melo, Jaime de; Suwa, Akiko; Newman, John; Jorgensen, Steen; Pradhan, Menno

Structural adjustment and the welfare of rural smallholders : a comparative analysis from sub-Saharan Africa (anglais)

Article de revue 14226 MAY 31, 1991

Sahn, David E.; Sarris, Alexander

Incorporating uncertainty into planning of industrialization strategies for developing countries (anglais)

Document de travail des services de la Banque mondiale SWP503 JAN 31, 1982

Sarris, Alexander H.; Adelman, Irma