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Water and climate change : understanding the risks and making climate-smart investment decisions (anglais)

Climate change is real, and taking prudent measures to plan for and adapt to climate change must become an integral part of the Bank's water practice. ... Voir la suite

Document de travail (série numérotée) 52911 NOV 01, 2009

Alavian, Vahid; Qaddumi, Halla Maher; Dickson, Eric; Diez, Sylvia Michele; Danilenko, Alexander V.; Hirji, Rafik Fatehali; Puz, Gabrielle; Pizarro, Carolina; Jacobsen, Michael; Blankespoor, Brian

India : water supply and sanitation - bridging the gap between infrastructure and service (anglais)

Access to water supply and sanitation infrastructure is increasing in urban areas, while in rural areas, access to drinking water increased during the 1990s from 65 percent to some 90 percent in 2001. ... Voir la suite

Document de travail 35834 JAN 01, 2006

Locussol, Alain R.; Misra, Smita; Makino, Midori; Hunt, Catherine; Alavian, Vahid