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Food Loss Reduction in Emerging Economies by Exploiting Short Sea Opportunities (anglais)

Rapport 135504 MAR 20, 2019

Tromp, Seth; Soethoudt, Han; Schripsema, Auke; Pradhan, Sibasish; Jani, Bhairavi; Anit, Anjali; Vaishnav, Priyanca

Synthesis of Case Study Results : Applying a Carbon Accounting Framework in a Developing Country (anglais)

Rapport 135498 MAR 20, 2019

Banomyong,Ruth; Greene, Suzanne

Agrologistic Roadmaps Ghana : Phase Two - Development of a Roadmap Methodology Applied to the Tomato and Mango Supply Chains (anglais)

Rapport 135499 MAR 20, 2019

Asante-Dartey, Juliana; Acquaye, Dan; Bartels, Papa Kow

Towards Sustainable Agrologistics in Developing Countries - Cocoa Supply Chain in Cote D ivoire (anglais)

Rapport 135501 MAR 20, 2019

Makhloufi, Abdel El; Langenberg, Victor; Damme, Dick van; Mujica Mota, Miguel

Improving Inland Transport Modalities for Vegetables and Food Crops between Production Zones, Urban Conglomerations and Export Hubs (anglais)

Rapport 135505 MAR 20, 2019

Sibomana, Milindi; Quadt, Eruore Peace; Clercx, Luud; Blessing, Frits; Akinwekomi, Emmanuel; van der Waal, Hans Willem

Megacity Logistics : Metrics, Tools and Measures for Sustainability (MEGALOG) : Final Report (anglais)

Rapport 135520 MAY 01, 2018

City Logistics Policy Toolkit : A Study of Three Latin American Cities (anglais)

Rapport 141848 MAR 31, 2018

Suarez-Nunez,Carlos; Rodriguez,Michelle; Regal,Andres; Merchan,Daniel; Mascarino,Esteban; Lavenir,Xavier; Winkenbach,Matthias; Hincapie,Jose A.; Cordova,Ximena; Chavez,Carolina; Calero,Francisco; Agudelo,Isabel; Wilson,Margaret A.; Janjevic,Milena

Southern African Region - Resilient Sustainable Green Supply Chains (anglais)

Rapport 135506 DEC 01, 2017