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Additional Financing Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Cte dIvoire COVID-19 Strategic Preparedness and Response Project Additional Financing on Vaccines - P176257 (anglais)


  • Auteur

    Tshivuila Matala,Opope Oyaka

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    Environmental and Social Review Summary

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  • Pays

    Côte d'Ivoire,

  • Région

    Africa West,

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  • Titre du rapport

    Additional Financing Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - C?te d?Ivoire COVID-19 Strategic Preparedness and Response Project Additional Financing on Vaccines - P176257

  • Mots clé

    Environmental Health and Safety Guidelines; Environmental and Social Review Summary; community health and safety; Vaccines; Occupational health and safety; Environmental and Social Impact; access to health service; high risk of infection; sustainable management; social risk management strategy; Infection Prevention and Control; supply chain and logistics; medical waste management; code of conduct; vulnerable social group; community at large; cold chain equipment; illness and death; personal protective equipment; Social Risk Rating; access to vaccine; cost of treatment; infection control measures; service delivery models; spread of disease; social and environmental; improvements in health; civil society group; diagnosis and treatment; Health Care Waste; waste management practice; international good practice; hazardous waste management; transport of vaccine; risk of accident; waste management planning; cultural heritage site; lack of transparency; global supply chain; national environmental law; availability of vaccine; vaccine delivery system; use of security; cost of transportation; International Public; information and communication; public information disclosure; health care facilities; mitigation measure; vaccination campaign; civil works; healthcare worker; health facility; remote area; sexual harassment; vaccine vials; environmental risk; community engagement; project risk; institutional framework; Natural Resources; social distance; citizen engagement; safe transportation; population group; Social Conflict; medical facility; ensuring compliance; awareness raising; public health; emergency preparedness; community mobilization; security personnel; operational plan; behavior change; clean water; migrant worker; public acceptance; reporting requirement; labor influx; Data Protection; effective risk; pandemic situation; safe handling; general assessment; general population; vaccine distribution; civil workers; allocation framework; new infections; vaccination delivery; social tension; diagnostic testing; adverse events; young people; citizen participation; vaccine wastage; immunization campaign; sustainable practices; effective outreach; traditional leaders; education campaign; disposal site; safety boxes; safe vaccine; Infectious Disease; Natural Event; working condition; waste type; management capacity; contract worker; safety training; delivery standard; national healthcare; infectious substance; quarantine procedure; adequate provision; laboratory staff; land acquisition; health specialist; local regulation; financial intermediaries; new constructions; physical work; laboratory worker; land use; vaccination program; labor agreement; truck driver; transportation company; immune system; community ownership; social mobilization; pregnant woman; older adult; equitable access; outreach service; consultative process; vulnerable group; equitable distribution; safe delivery; necessary investment; rural transportation infrastructure; voluntary work; worker safety; psychological distress; health hazard; outbreak response; labor management; procurement documents; labor requirement; response measure; beneficiary feedback; adverse health; traditional healer; elected officials; communication plan; local population; informed consent; treatment facilities; social legislation; private activity; environmental license; Environmental Assessment; health districts; legal procedure; public consultation; public hearing; physical characteristic; environmental issue; National Institutions; satisfactory manner; Health Promotion; confirmed case; case management; Management Systems; water pollution; immunization capacity; initial screening; involuntary resettlement; natural habitat; health systems; monitoring device; affected population; vaccine storage; stock management; tracking system; outreach campaign; storage capacity; global standard; dry storage; political leadership; regulatory standard; safe management; vaccine development; short-term risk



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