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Ukraine - EUROPE AND CENTRAL ASIA- P144893- Serving People, Improving Health Project - Procurement Plan (anglais)


  • Auteur

    Yevhenia Matyushko

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  • Type de document

    Plan de passation des marchés

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  • Région

    Europe et Asie centrale,

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  • Titre du rapport

    Ukraine - EUROPE AND CENTRAL ASIA- P144893- Serving People, Improving Health Project - Procurement Plan

  • Mots clé

    results-based financing; post service; health care facilities; general practice; primary health care; health care facility; family medicine; capital repair; regional hospital; Secondary Health Care; emergency health care; rural health; public health care; diagnosis related groups; city hospital; district hospital; medical equipment; implementation of reform; remote diagnosis; improving service delivery; Planning and Financial; local level management; project operation; Revised Plan Date; public health system; laboratory equipment; first contract; market approach; equipment installation; contract completion; computer equipment; legal act; emergency medical; logistic support; medical product; retroactive financing; diagnostic method; advance procurement; logistics support; communication support; financing mechanism; data processing; network equipment; selection method; international consultant; surgical equipment; tertiary level; project selection; legal support; competitive selection; source selection; media content; clinical issues; consultancy assignment; project plan; technical architecture; high sea; medical records; healthcare reform; health reform; legal base; national training; english language; international standard; statistical data; technical standard; standards development; technical proposal; test kit; project effectiveness; municipal enterprise; diagnostic kit; specialized care; credit contract; direct contracting; common purpose; organizational capacity; level of support; civil engineer; state budget; female population; health facility; information materials; civil works; high-risk group; care center; diesel generator; computer hardware; cardiovascular risk; adult population; medical device; social advertising



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