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Statement by Mr. Johan Van Overtveldt at the 94th meeting of the Development Committee held on October 8, 2016 (anglais)

This is a statement by Mr. Johan Van Overtveldt, Minister of Finance at the ninety-fourth meeting of the Development Committee held on October 8, 2016.He states that today, the Development Committee focuses on the future of the World Bank Group. We are discussing our mandate and role for the next fifteen years, and, at the same time, how the shareholding of World Bank Group institutions should reflect that. Our ultimate goal is to deploy every effort to achieve the twin goals while having in place efficient, financially sound and collaborative Bank Group institutions.We endorse the proposed scope of the Forward Look. However, it is worth highlighting some key topics. As a development institution with global, regional and country reach, the World Bank Group has an instrumental role to play in helping clients address climate change and fragility and conflict challenges. It should also help them respond to crises. We welcome the enhanced focus on Global Public Goods, but expect that the World Bank Group will strengthen coordination with other development partners and be sufficiently selective. It is also crucial to further integrate global and regional work into the Group’s country-based model, which marks one of its comparative advantages.We encourage the WBG to embrace migration and its impact as a global long-term challenge faced by all countries at all levels of development.However, this investment will pay off since it will result in minimizing the detriments and maximizing the development benefits of migration. We thus urge the World Bank Group to intensify its knowledge on both forced displacement and migration. At the same time, it needs to help countries address the root causes of migration and enhance its capacity to work in fragile environments and with other partners.




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