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Environmental, health, and safety general guidelines (anglais)

The environmental, health, and safety (EHS) guidelines are technical reference documents with general and industry-specific examples of good international industry practice (GIIP). When one or more members of the World Bank Group are involved in a project, these EHS guidelines are applied as required by their respective policies and standards. The EHS guidelines contain the performance levels and measures that are generally considered to be achievable in new facilities by existing technology at reasonable costs. Application of the EHS guidelines to existing facilities may involve the establishment of site-specific targets, with an appropriate timetable for achieving them. When host country regulations differ from the levels and measures presented in the EHS guidelines, projects are expected to achieve whichever is more stringent. If less stringent levels or measures than those provided in these EHS guidelines are appropriate, in view of specific project circumstances, a full and detailed justification for any presented alternatives is needed as part of the site-specific environmental assessment. For more publications on IFC Sustainability please visit




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