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Project Information Document - Additional Financing for the Zambia COVID-19 Emergency Response and Health Systems Preparedness Project - P176400 (anglais)


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    Sunkutu,Musonda Rosemary

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    Document d’information sur le projet

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    Africa East,

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  • Titre du rapport

    Project Information Document - Additional Financing for the Zambia COVID-19 Emergency Response and Health Systems Preparedness Project - P176400

  • Mots clé

    Environmental and Social Risk Classification; health systems; Vaccines; health care delivery system; Infection Prevention and Control; Occupational health and safety; demand for health services; access to safe water; essential health services; public health system; Governance and Accountability; Health Care Waste; cold chain equipment; emergency obstetric care; public health response; family planning visit; human resource capacity; cost for supervision; effective risk management; public health measures; healthcare waste management; transit and destination; health care facility; local government election; port of entry; risk of exclusion; Population and Health; personal protective equipment; availability of resource; essential health care; procurement of equipment; point of care; emergency response activity; female health workers; intensive care units; availability of vaccine; skilled human resource; population target group; acute respiratory infection; case management intervention; emergency response vehicle; point of entry; reallocation of fund; Public Health Emergency; poor road infrastructure; financing instrument; health facility; vaccine delivery; essential services; subnational levels; vaccination program; risk communication; stock control; community engagement; pandemic preparedness; rural area; development partner; community volunteer; supply chain; refrigeration equipment; mitigation measure; healthcare worker; Disease Surveillance; production capacity; vulnerable group; results framework; resource mobilization; vaccine distribution; health care facilities; call center; critically ill; pregnant woman; fertility problem; diagnostic capacity; special care; vaccine market; vaccination system; medical supply; regulatory authority; hand hygiene; operational documents; citizen engagement; institutional framework; regional investment; civil works; regulatory standard; equitable access; blood components; blood supply; quarantine facility; security enhancement; climate disaster; marine transport; standard practice; fuel trucks; disbursement arrangement; short term consultant; capacity assessment; multicultural society; vaccination strategy; communication strategy; laboratory technician; phylogenetic analysis; laboratory capacity; long-term investment; post vaccination; surveillance protocols; influenza-like illness; government purchase; storage facility; epidemic preparedness; public financing; risk assessment; population group; transportation Vehicles; refrigerated storage; climate control; vaccine wastage; environmental risk; asylum seeker; adequate training; transportation infrastructure; legal compliance; improved health; human error; child immunization; cold storage; Postnatal Care; social recovery; health outcome; pandemic response; income bracket; global pandemic; health burden; Macroeconomic Vulnerability; widespread infection; first wave; confirmed case; geographical spread; existing vaccine; accurate information; military use; Gender Gap; data quality; health tool; innovative technologies; eligibility criterion; civil society; district hospital; vital statistic; civil registration; safe delivery; learning program; religious belief; positive impact; routine immunization; institutional context; hospital admission; immunization strategy; equal access



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