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Concept Project Information Document (PID) - Chad Energy Access Scale Up Project - P174495 (anglais)


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    Document d’information sur le projet

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    Concept Project Information Document (PID) - Chad Energy Access Scale Up Project - P174495

  • Mots clé

    male-headed one; increase access to modern energy; Environmental and Social Risk Classification; Access to Electricity; Host Communities; legal and regulatory framework; access to basic service; female-headed household; vulnerability to climate change; performance-based financing; no access to electricity; Fragility, Conflict, and Violence; social safety net system; access to energy source; cost of power generation; access to electricity service; private sector generation capacity; electricity access; national power utility; rural area; national power grid; million people; cost of electricity; off-grid electrification; refugee camp; resilience of communities; learning by doing; off grid electrification; poverty reduction effort; carbon emission reduction; high fertility rate; power generation capacity; current account deficit; power transmission infrastructure; number of refugees; renewable energy generation; national electricity utility; closing gender gap; renewable solar energy; private sector service; security and development; theory of change; urban power grid; power transmission line; reliability of supply; number of connections; thermal power plant; power generation cost; time and resource; regional power market; basic social service; renewable energy resource; solar energy potential; construction and operation; legal regulatory framework; lack of development; access to water; universal access goal; flexibility and adaptability; types of instrument; world health organization; source of energy; influx of refugees; transmission and distribution; climate change impact; least developed country; low population density; public service delivery; effect of recession; Energy Sector; national electrification; secondary city; productive use; oil price; solar system; national grid; energy service; subsequent phase; least cost; energy access; solar market; high poverty; remote area; business model; project financing; affordable electricity; power system; border area; power line; electricity sale; diesel generation; international company; natural disaster; Energy Poverty; local population; oil production; oil sector; oil field; border closure; financial viability; private investment; development partner; financing instrument; primary sector; other development; increased security; existing capacity; cook stove; Natural Resources; program results; health condition; regular investment; donor coordination; increased demand; Water Management; public resource; community responsibility; arid climate; energy specialist; financing option; Infectious Disease; social capital; commercially viable; ghg emissions; agricultural output; displaced person; empowering women; recent development; increased access; effective strategy; institutional context; legal framework; policy formulation; GHG Reduction; power trade; electricity sector; regulatory entity; electricity retail; installed capacity; project datum; urban settlement; electricity network; Climate Risk; economic empowerment; grid electricity; household use; public entity; power network; energy shortage; Social Protection; market player; project costing; targeted intervention; utility level; coordinated action; market presence; geographical coverage; supply chain; distribution network; flood; consumer sentiment; energy mix; solar product; basic infrastructure; cash sale; market development; women entrepreneurship; energy portfolio; low density; private resources; living standard; operational performance; commercial performance; electricity import; development operation; green energy; comparative advantage; market base; technical standard; electricity trade; collect revenue; grid densification; fuel supply; Investment Support; improving governance; institution building; cash shortage; solar technology; public fund; fiscal burden; private company; international operator; local company; Performance Standards; license requirement; Programmatic Approach; living condition; entry condition; pull facto



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