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Mongolia - EAST ASIA AND PACIFIC- P147438- Mongolia Export Development Project - Procurement Plan (anglais)


  • Auteur

    Khulan Ulziibaatar

  • Date du document


  • Type de document

    Plan de passation des marchés

  • Numéro du rapport


  • Volume


  • Total Volume(s)


  • Pays


  • Région

    Asie de l’Est et Pacifique,

  • Date de publication


  • Disclosure Status


  • Titre du rapport

    Mongolia - EAST ASIA AND PACIFIC- P147438- Mongolia Export Development Project - Procurement Plan

  • Mots clé

    employment of individuals; finance product; joint stock company; stated period of time; evaluation of bid; contract in question; agricultural raw material; Social Impact Assessment; Revised Plan Date; international good practice; submission of bids; assessment of bidder; form joint venture; economic impact assessment; new product; capacity building component; award of contract; reasonable time period; records and information; international consultant; individual learning; market approach; competitive procurement; contract completion; Obstructive Practice; fraudulent practice; foreign bidder; individual research; export insurance; national procurement; export trade; credit insurance; sanction policy; credit contract; market demand; matching grant; social screening; export enhancement; local bidder; collusive practice; agricultural commodity; consulting service; Consulting services; disabled people; procurement process; e-learning training; qualification requirement; contract termination; contract execution; technical proposal; Coercive Practice; false statement; legal remedy; existing contract; physical inspection; high sea; contract performance; certification service; hard copy; electronic format; site visits; international standard; competitiveness enhancement; intensive course; tour guide; trade agreement; individual market; legal framework; statistical data; tourism market; individual assessment; medium enterprise; electronic system; export service; recovery process; claim payment; price methodology; insurance finance; trade credit; international expert; probationary period; first year; dairy product; meat product; border points; export data; value added; international partners; need assessment; several times; Commercial Law; national market; manufacturing facility; responsive bid; post qualification; procurement activities; bid price; procurement transaction; tax debt; price adjustment; resultant contract; procurement procedure; leased assets; reasonable effort; domestic preference



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