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Official Documents- Financing Agreement for Grant D301-RY (Closing Package) (anglais)


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  • Type de document

    Accord de Financement

  • Région

    Moyen-Orient et Afrique du Nord,

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  • Titre du rapport

    Official Documents- Financing Agreement for Grant D301-RY (Closing Package)

  • Mots clé

    Environmental and Social Impact Assessment; Environmental and Social Management Plan; Annual Work Plan and Budget; multilateral investment guarantee agency; grievance redress mechanism; Access to Electricity; Program of Activities; purposes of section; Environmental Management Plan; month period; immediate response mechanism; payment to persons; import of goods; micro finance institution; Financial Management System; Accounts and Audit; local public sector; financial management arrangement; amount due; Investment Project Financing; subsequent withdrawal; framework agreement; solar product; temporary suspension; collusive practice; Environmental Assessment; consultancy service; eligibility criterion; positive impact; solar solution; Coercive Practice; reasonable opportunity; institutional measure; technical committee; Procurement Policy; solar system; financial regulation; fiduciary obligation; ongoing conflicts; critical electricity; adequate information; reasonably request; investment planning; other development; partnership arrangement; project finance; local agency; contractual arrangement; social standard; separate account; accounting standard; accounting standards; emergency response; monitoring activity; applicable procurement; technical standard; commercial lending; procurement arrangement; remedial action; financial obligation; commercial entity; Sanctionable Practices; accountability mechanism; fraudulent practice; written agreement; governing body; service charges; administrative instruction; applicable regulation; written notice; construction site; subsequent years; environmental risk; financial statement; currency substitution; concessional term; environmental safeguard; independent audit; market development; civil works; conflict situation; Advisory services; Social Assessment; no access; local partner; awareness raising; site visits; operations manual; vehicle operation; field monitoring; Financial Sector; rural electricity; supply chain; Technical Training; awareness campaign; train service



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