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Albania - Integrated Coastal Zone Management and Clean-up Project : resettlement plan (Vol. 2) : Land acquisition completion report for the Bajkaj landfill and Himara transfer station (anglais)

The development objective of the Integrated Coastal Zone Management and Clean-up Project is to assist the Government of Albania in developing, on a sustainable basis, tourism in the southern Albanian coast by improving critical public environmental infrastructure and municipal services, remediating and containing pollution hazards from a former chemical plant in Porto Romano near Durres, improving community infrastructure and enhancing architectural and cultural resources. Negative impacts includes: less than 80 percent of total land holding affected; loss of structures; loss of tress and crops; and land acquisition. Compensation measures includes: 1) cash compensation for affected land equivalent to the market value of the property sufficient to replace the lost assets and cover transaction costs; 2) cash compensation for the assets plus rehabilitation assistance comprising job placement, or job training; 3) cash compensation for entire or partially affected structure and other fixed assets without depreciation; 4) cash compensation equivalent to the market value for the affected crops; 5) cash compensation based on type, age and productive value of affected trees; and 6) replacement of assets affected (e.g. boundary wall demolished, trees removed) in case of any event, after the cut-off date.




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