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Revised Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) Philippines COVID-19 Emergency Response Project (P173877) (anglais)


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    Borrowing Agency

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    Environmental and Social Management Plan

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    Asie de l’Est et Pacifique,

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  • Titre du rapport

    Revised Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) Philippines COVID-19 Emergency Response Project (P173877)

  • Mots clé

    national health care; legal and regulatory framework; degradation of critical natural habitats; Environmental and Social Management Plan; community health and safety; Vaccines; occupational safety and health; Occupational health and safety; hazardous waste management; Infection Prevention and Control; global health; Health Care Waste; public health laboratory; national reference laboratory; personal protective equipment; person with disability; health care service; health care facility; code of conduct; Indigenous Peoples; emergency response; emerging infectious disease; polymerase chain reaction; support cost; risk of exclusion; Gender-Based Violence; capacity building need; health facility; collection of information; sanitation and hygiene; clean air act; infectious healthcare wastes; unstable power supply; service delivery system; essential health care; public health risk; availability of vaccine; million people; chronic health problems; shortness of breath; risk of exposure; public health standards; health sector activities; cold chain equipment; grievance redress mechanism; level of governance; waste management service; Health System Strengthening; national preparedness plan; essential health services; point of entry; climate change act; source of pollution; hazardous waste generator; use of land; ozone-depleting substance; loss of income; national strategic policy; executive order; access to asset; loss of asset; health care personnel; medical service providers; waste management facilities; public health worker; Public Health Emergency; public health research; national health system; medical waste management; nucleic acid detection; health care facilities; infectious waste; medical supply; Nuclear Waste; quarantine facility; isolation rooms; laboratory capacity; provincial hospital; cold storage; risk communication; Health Workers; test kit; laboratory equipment; decontamination facility; mitigation measure; adverse health; regulatory measure; equitable access; involuntary resettlement; land acquisition; civil works; medical center; sign language; international airport; vulnerable group; response activity; stakeholder engagement; vaccination system; organizational structure; medical facility; the administration; essential medicines; counterpart funding; health products; loan proceeds; government units; Social Assessment; adverse events; natural disaster; data management; social inequity; socioeconomic status; dialysis machine; targeted population; Medical care; construction activities; transport condition; community engagement; waste service; supply chain; healthcare waste management; emergency use; chemical control; eligible population; stakeholder consultation; ethical standard; national system; disposal facility; disabled person; disadvantaged area; screening tool; social issue; laboratory supplies; labor management; community consultation; priority region; laboratory staff; information materials; political agenda; vaccination initiative; interested stakeholders; logistics system; vaccination campaign; regulatory approval; regional regulation; population concerns; drug product; informed consent; purchase mechanism; pollution prevention; regulatory authority; Resource Efficiency; marginalized communities; authorized access; data privacy; global demand; vaccine production; community outreach; physical distance; real time; regional hospital; hospital visitors; vaccination effects; price regulation; fair trade; social exclusion; marginalized group; remote area; regulatory enforcement; medical condition; vaccine distribution; geographical distribution; hygiene measures; working condition; community mobilization; vaccination delivery; global risk; preparedness planning; tobacco smoking; public hospital; extreme poverty; global commitment; pandemic preparedness; international framework; development partner; Public Utilities; network providing; Disease Control; citizen engagement; international standard; in school



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