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Albania - National Roads Project : environmental assessment (Vol. 3) : Lezhe-Bacallek (Shkoder) Road section (anglais)

This is an environmental assessment for the Natioanl Roads Project, which aims to upgrade roads to accommodate an anticipated traffic increase. Negative environmental impacts and their mitigations include the following: Reduce soil erosion by planting vegetation. Minimize water pollution by building drainage systems and an embankment. Abate air pollution by setting up vegetation screens and using unleaded gasoline. Avoid animal road crossings in order to prevent injury to animal species. Set up vegetal barriers to alleviate noise pollution. Land acquisition will proceed in accordance with existing laws. Traffic and worker accidents will be mitigated by establishig speed limits and police patrols. The report concludes that no significant environmental impacts will be generated by constructing the Fushe-Miloti-Lezha road.




Version officielle du document (peut inclure des signatures etc…)