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Brazil - Environmental Regularization of Rural Lands in the Cerrado Project : environmental assessment : Marco de gestão ambiental e social (portugais)

The development objective of the Environmental Regularization of Rural Lands in the Cerrado Project is to: (i) strengthen the capacity of 11 state environmental agencies to receive, review and approve the environmental rural records and link them to the national system (SICAR) and (ii) register in the Rural Environmental Registry (CAR) system requests for registration in the CAR in selected priority municipalities that were received and recorded in the system and linked to the national system. It is expected that the project will have a positive impact on the environment and seeks to promote rural environmental registration of land by the owners. The nature and scale of the proposed investments in environmental regulation will not have significant adverse impacts. Negative impacts presented basically represent risks or needs of improvements seeking greater effectiveness and efficiency of the Project. The results of its implementation do not project negative impacts on environmental quality, environmental management or the landowners. In contrast, the potential social and environmental impacts of all kinds, will be positive and all actors, public and private sector will benefit from the project. So, overall, the project is not expected to have any negative environmental impact on the project activities. Based on the analysis that environmental impact is any change to the environment caused by human activities that directly (primary effect) or indirectly (side effect) affect the safety and public well-being, social and economic activities, biota, aesthetic and sanitary conditions of the environment and the quality of resources of the environment the report spells out the negative environmental impacts as follows: a) Impacts on the physical environment, including effects on soil, rocks, water and air; b) Impacts on biotic, on the effects on vegetation and fauna; c) Impacts on the anthropic environment, referring to incidents and effects on human activities.




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