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Azerbaijan - Greater Baku Water Supply Rehabilitation Project (anglais)

The primary objectives of the Greater Baku Water Supply Rehabilitation Project are to: 1) make emergency short term improvements in the water supply system to restore the water supply to Baku, in particular to the poorer elements of the population; 2) improve the water supply system as a whole; and 3) provide the basis for longer term planning and recovery. The project will comprise five major components: 1) water demand management to conserve water at the household level through a program of consumer awareness initiatives, through repairs to in-home plumbing, valves, taps and other fittings, and by rationalizing water use through meter installations and the implementation of a progressive water tariff; 2) operations and maintenance improvements to increase the amount of water available from the distribution system through a program of leak detection and repair, workshop and equipment acquisition, and at least a one year inventory of selected replacement valves and pipes; 3) supply improvements to improve the quantity and quality of water from the treatment works and enhancing the reliability of the distribution network ; 4) institutional capacity building to reorganize the water utility into a joint stock company; consolidating its offices; purchasing and installing new computers with new software; and developing training programs; and 5) preparation and implementation of a national policy framework for the water sector and preparing a regional master plan.




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