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Concept Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Health System Performance Strengthening Project - P172504 (anglais)


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    Taptue Fotso,Jean Claude

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    Environmental and Social Review Summary

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    Concept Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Health System Performance Strengthening Project - P172504

  • Mots clé

    Environmental and Social Impact Assessment; mother and child health; Environmental and Social Review Summary; access to basic health service; Occupational health and safety; access to basic service; security-related activity; community health and safety; resettlement action plan; Resettlement action plans; sustainable management; environmental and social assessments; institutional capacity building; essential health care; Health Service Delivery; Social Risk Rating; code of conduct; security risk assessment; health facility; use of force; Type of Investment; personal protective equipment; third party entity; Health Care Waste; Health Care Delivery; disposal of wastewater; separation of functions; capacity building program; disease surveillance system; equality of opportunity; improvement of health; management of health; community health worker; purchase of goods; medical waste management; age of marriage; international good practice; protection of biodiversity; essential health services; lack of security; safety of worker; procurement of equipment; public health intervention; response to emergency; health care service; natural water bodies; land acquisition; civil works; environmental risk; rural area; Armed Conflict; institutional strengthening; liquid waste; social exclusion; Natural Resources; investment case; government staff; Physical securities; negative effect; rural population; extreme weather; communication strategy; community conflict; arable land; armed groups; violent crime; government stakeholders; healthcare worker; general assessment; emergency procedure; medical condition; environmental specialist; political risk; mitigation measure; Health care policies; low trust; Armed Forces; security personnel; cultural site; natural habitat; social audit; biomedical waste; water consumer; verification system; community activity; free health; pollution impact; Resource Efficiency; water conservation; managerial skill; regular supervision; dissolved chemicals; Infectious Disease; land pollution; plastic waste; management skill; human waste; borrower's commitment; financial intermediaries; project datum; Cultural Heritage; protected species; project costing; biodiversity areas; high sensitivity; potential biodiversity; land use; health districts; health institution; contract worker; health care facilities; community workers; delivery period; global pandemic; physical distance; indirect beneficiary; physical characteristic; Population Density; medical doctor; youth group; neighborhood association; civil society; in poverty; development partner; infectious waste; performance contract; standard contract; hazardous work; national health; child labor; national survey; working condition; business entity; citizen engagement; construction material; labor requirement; renovation work



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