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Politiques de mobilité et d’accessibilité durables dans les villes Africaines (français)

This paper presents a set of policies which aim to improve accessibility and mobility in urban areas of Africa. This policy paper aims to support policy- and decision-makers while preparing decisions on policies related to urban accessibility and mobility. Africa is urbanizing at a very high pace and both large and intermediate African cities are experiencing rapid and often unplanned growth. Based on growing concerns regarding mobility and accessibility in urban areas of Africa, the Africa transport policy program (SSATP) commissioned this policy paper to assist African policy- and decision-makers to transform their urban areas from obstacles to growth to engines of economic development and poverty alleviation. This document is structured as follows: chapter one sets the scene for this policy paper and defines hereafter the central notions of transport, mobility, and accessibility. Chapter two provides an overview of the ten key issues facing urban areas of Africa, at the three levels of transport supply, governance framework, and impacts and externalities of urban transport. Chapter three depicts selected lessons from international experience about how these issues have been dealt with elsewhere in the World, successfully or not. Chapter four presents a set of policy recommendations aimed at improving accessibility and mobility in urban areas of Africa. Chapter five concludes this document by advocating policy- and decision makers to adopt and engage in the implementation of these recommendations without delay.




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