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Indonesia - Second Phase of the Dam Operational Improvement And Safety Project : resettlement plan : Land acquisition and resettlement policy framework (anglais)

The development objectives of the Second Dam Operational Improvement and Safety Project for Indonesia are to: (i) increase the safety and the functionality with respect to bulk water supply of large ministry of public works-owned reservoirs; and (ii) strengthen the safety and operational management policies, regulations, and administrative capacity of ministry of public works. Some of the negative impacts and mitigation measures include: (1) compensation for loss of land and other assets based on value assessment carried out by licensed appraisers; (2) compensation for loss of sources of income or livelihoods based on value assessment for non-physical carried out by licensed appraisers; (3) compensation for loss of dwellings and other structure, for income sources or livelihoods and resettlement assistance, based on the assessment of the licensed appraisers; and (4) the project considers to provide sufficient time (at least 2 months from the cut-off date and at the time of census survey) for the renters to find another place.




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