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Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) - Resilient Urban Sierra Leone Project - P168608 (anglais)


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    Borrowing Agency

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    Stakeholder Engagement Plan

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    Sierra Leone,

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  • Titre du rapport

    Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) - Resilient Urban Sierra Leone Project - P168608

  • Mots clé

    Gender-Based Violence; global sustainable city; Project Procurement Strategy for Development; small and medium enterprise; violence against woman; Environmental and Social Performance; national disaster management; monitoring and evaluation plan; Housing and Population Census; state-owned utilities; state-owned utility; person with disability; Solid Waste Management; own source revenue; grievance redress mechanism; disaster risk management; municipal waste collection; commercial sex worker; central support systems; law and regulation; access to information; national development plan; town hall meeting; community base; channels of communication; significant adverse impact; acquisition of land; resettlement action plan; real estate broker; efficient revenue generation; urban management capability; infrastructure supply; civil society group; annual mean rainfall; lack of gender; transfer of ownership; spatial data infrastructure; urban property tax; men and child; integrated development; population growth rate; community action plan; means of communication; infrastructure and services; skills and support; relationship with communities; geographic information system; emergency operations center; registration of ownership; sites and services; public information disclosure; global environmental benefits; global environment facility; food security crisis; private sector business; public sector service; impact on child; Grievance Redress Service; guidelines on women; emergency response officials; Project Preparation Advance; access to land; global supply chain; institutional capacity building; sustainable urban development; take time; stakeholder engagement; existing capacity; vulnerable group; vulnerable individual; secondary city; own-source revenue; city council; Town Planning; Urban Planning; construction area; elderly person; landfill site; local council; public hearing; community mobilization; project impact; mitigation measure; illiterate people; environment protection; Flood Mitigation; land owner; online channels; fiscal decentralization; community representative; consultation process; urban challenge; Programmatic Approach; cultural sensitivities; risk assessment; affected households; Land Fill; slum upgrading; response system; local procurement; project intervention; information rights; slum dweller; citizen engagement; informal settlement; emergency preparedness; access road; culturally sensitive; community level; social distance; urban greening; local radio; dedicated phone; street light; online platform; consultation strategy; construction site; social media; rapid urbanization; urban sector; natural hazard; resilient infrastructure; drainage system; Displaced Population; upgrading investment; direct communication; urban population; waste collectors; public consultation; equal access; best practice; adequate information; informed participation; compensation arrangements; tax law; local population; environmental regulatory; stakeholder consultation; interest group; fiduciary activity; land access; equal representation; health component; local politician; stakeholder interest; youth group; asset disposal; emergency service; land acquisition; resettlement issue; language barrier; council meeting; flood-prone area; other asset; drug addict; remote area; school-age girl; disadvantaged child; vulnerable child; hearing impairment; business association; indigenous language; social dynamic; awareness campaign; awareness raising; participatory development; baseline information; public meeting; stakeholder meetings; personal relationship; sensitive issues; visual aid; administrative development; transit points; water catchment; green cover; internal auditor; Municipal Finance; basic requirement; sector priorities; other development; peer group; stakeholder participation; guiding principles; consultation activity; lesson learning; working condition; employee contract; strategy development; Construction Firms; informal meeting



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