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Argentina : Santa Fe Provincial Adjustment Loan - social impact assessment and impact mitigation program : Argentina : Prestamo de Ajuste para la Provincia de Santa Fe - evaluacion social de impacto y programa de mitigacion (espagnol)

Provincial finances are important to Argentina's efforts to reduce macroeconomic vulnerability, improve fiscal performance, and increase competitiveness. The Bank has supported six such provincial reform loans (PRL) since 1997, indicating that a participatory approach enhances the legitimacy of the reforms, and improves their implementation and sustainability. With the same participatory approach in mind, the task team for the Santa Fe PRL conducted a social impact assessment, to identify the socioeconomic conditions affecting the poor in the province, and to get their views on social risks, and other factors that should affect the loan's design. The assessment's main contributions are: a) An analysis of socioeconomic factors influencing the reform, including the impact of economic restructuring, and identification of alternatives that fit in the new competitive environment with less social impact; b) Identification of vulnerable populations, and an analysis of unemployment, and other social issues affecting the poor, to better target social programs; c) Promotion of a participatory approach to provincial reforms, to bring social capital into the effort; and, d) Providing guidance to improve the responsiveness of social-protection efforts. The paper has six sections: 1) the socioeconomic background of the province, including existing risks and conflicts that might hinder the success of the project; 2) the identified vulnerable population, and new social challenges; 3) ongoing social programs, and institutional responses to social demands; 4) an assessment of the proposed social reforms under PRL VI, identifying positive aspects, and possible risks; 5) a proposed Social Development Strategy; and, 6) conclusions and recommendations.


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    Castro-Munoz,Maria E.

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    Document de travail (série numérotée)

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    Amérique latine et Caraïbes,

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    Argentina : Prestamo de Ajuste para la Provincia de Santa Fe - evaluacion social de impacto y programa de mitigacion

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    Provincial reforms; Macroeconomics; Fiscal policy; Competitiveness; Project evaluation & review technique; Participatory planning; Social impact assessment; Socioeconomic conditions; Risk assessment; Project design; Reform implementation; Vulnerable groups; Unemployment rates; Social assistance programs; Targeted assistance; Social capital; Social protection systems; Institutional capacity; Social reform



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