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Impact of European Union membership on agriculture and rural development in newly acceded member states - drawing lessons for Serbia : policy note (anglais)

This policy note support for agriculture and rural development (ARD) access to a huge market for Serbian agriculture and European Union (EU). The current framework for agricultural policy and budget support needs to adjust quickly to this challenge. Otherwise, these disparate growth pathways will continue leading to low aggregate growth. This outcome is not inevitable, however, provided that government is willing to implement bold, forward thinking structural reform. Experience from countries that have acceded EU recently suggests that agriculture has prospered most in those that met this challenge. The Government needs to use its pre-accession time wisely and focus on two objectives. First, it needs to recognize the core sector development prioritiesthat will increase Serbia’s agriculture competitiveness, and adjust its policy instruments accordingly. Second, national funds would be best spent on supporting these priorities, while complemented with EU funds. The Government’s efforts will require the intensification of work both in sector policy, and in institutional development. Some of the lessons learned from EU enlargements can be translated into a set of recommendations for Serbia that will assist the sector during the transition to full EU membership. They encompass four broad areas: (1) agricultural policy during the period leading to eventual EU membership; (2) commitmentto the completion of necessary reforms; (3) institutional adjustment and capacity building; and (4) re-thinking the use of limited budgetary resources.




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