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Project Information Document - Yemen COVID-19 Response Project Additional Financing - P176827 : Additional Financing Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Yemen COVID-19 Response Project Additional Financing - P176827 (anglais)

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  • Auteur

    Coarasa,Jorge A.

  • Date du document


  • Type de document

    Environmental and Social Review Summary

  • Numéro du rapport


  • Volume


  • Total Volume(s)


  • Pays

    Yémen, Yémen République du

  • Région

    Moyen-Orient et Afrique du Nord,

  • Date de publication


  • Disclosure Status


  • Titre du rapport

    Additional Financing Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Yemen COVID-19 Response Project Additional Financing - P176827

  • Mots clé

    Environmental and Social Review Summary; Occupational health and safety; community health and safety; Infection Prevention and Control; Environmental and Social Impact; health and safety issue; sustainable management; local health authorities; international good practice; medical waste management; vulnerable group; population at risk; Internally Displaced Person; health facility; diagnosis and treatment; access to care; illness and death; health care facility; health care facilities; vulnerable social group; essential health services; protection of workers; infection control precautions; categories of worker; operational planning; health care professional; Health System Strengthening; infection control practice; solid waste generation; impacts on biodiversity; Health Care Waste; demand for service; Social Risk Rating; port of entry; medical waste disposal; use of force; laboratory biosafety; access to vaccine; health facility management; person with disability; public information disclosure; environmental risk; stakeholder engagement; cold chain; grievance mechanism; Vaccines; medical facility; land acquisition; healthcare worker; Elderly People; healthcare waste; Health Workers; contract worker; community mobilization; financial intermediaries; quarantine facility; vaccination campaign; Disease Surveillance; national system; mitigation measure; ongoing conflicts; emergency preparedness; chemical waste; monitoring plan; dignified treatment; temporary storage; safe disposal; general assessment; laboratory worker; social mobilization; biological waste; laboratory staff; safe vaccine; diagnostic testing; human disease; mandatory vaccination; awareness campaign; information dissemination; monitoring mechanism; chronic condition; adequate provision; quarantine procedure; public concern; infectious substance; affected communities; transparent selection; affected population; virus culture; diagnostic laboratories; transparent manner; good performance; land use; security personnel; Infectious Disease; necessary support; adverse events; clinical practice; response measure; emergency situation; Solar Power; power supply; Environmental Resources; sustainable way; chemical product; Indigenous Peoples; institutional framework; humanitarian crisis; physical damage; Cultural Heritage; adverse risks; protected area; rehabilitation activities; Natural Resources; physical resettlement; project intervention; mass media; good hygiene; religious minority; short supply; Broadcast Media; interest group; communication strategy; humanitarian agency; delivery capacity; immunization system; health agencies; test facility; emergency personnel; infected people; working condition; heavy metal; medical equipment; adequate supply; labor issue; hand hygiene; public space; workers' rights; existing contract; rest period; equitable access; behavioral change; physical resources; safeguard policy; Safeguard Policies; recent studies; adequate arrangement; chronic disease; best practice; hands-on training; significant expertise; readiness assessment; social requirement; response effort; safe storage; movement restriction; civil works; social safeguard; satellite imagery; financing instrument; infectious waste; vaccine delivery; laboratory procedures; public health; vaccine vials; laboratory facility; vaccine storage; health problem; laboratory technician; rural area; physical characteristic



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