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Final Technical Assessment - Gujarat Outcomes for Accelerated Learning (GOAL) - P173704 (anglais)


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    Program-for-Results Technical Assessment

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    Asie du Sud,

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    Final Technical Assessment - Gujarat Outcomes for Accelerated Learning (GOAL) - P173704

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    Program for International Student; capacity-building program; access to quality education; Teacher Training and Management; school-based assessment; learning environment; Teachers; source of funding; categories of expenditure; teacher education institution; system of teacher; peer support programs; school education program; capacity building support; Gender-Based Violence; Early childhood education; school development plan; education outcome; program expenditure; teacher performance; school network; school infrastructure; in school; base assessment; administrative structure; Management Systems; response mechanism; Vocational Education; secondary level; primary grade; educational management; technology infrastructure; school learning; early grade; technology support; innovative teacher; resilient recovery; learning experience; home learning; short course; pedagogical support; program financing; primary level; community participation; learning assessment; professional development; classroom performance; decentralized management; program development; state funding; infrastructure needs; civil infrastructure; performance tracking; need assessment; assessment center; international level; Student Assessment; strategic development; educational outcome; academic support; classroom practice; social inclusion; thematic area; program outcome; district planning; resource persons; stakeholder ownership; stakeholder plan; academic supervision; decentralized level; cluster level; assessment system; ITS Learning; teacher support; remedial measure; instructional process; residential school; community mobilization; governance system; government provision; district education; monitoring progress; management structure; blended learning; school head; effective monitoring; international standard; regular training; Online Learning; administrative control



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