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Project Information Document - Modernizing the National Statistical System in Tajikistan - P173977 (anglais)


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    Document d’information sur le projet

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    Europe et Asie centrale,

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    Project Information Document - Modernizing the National Statistical System in Tajikistan - P173977

  • Mots clé

    Environmental and Social Risk Classification; skill need; statistical data; ict infrastructure; climate co-benefits; social and economic development; economic and social policy; Public and Publicly Guaranteed; efficiency in public spending; Urban and Rural Development; balance of payment statistic; un general assembly; gender equality agenda; User satisfaction Survey; foreign trade statistic; official statistic; statistical information; conflict of law; data protection law; value-added tax; commodity price shock; gender sensitive employment; household budget survey; financial management policy; personal data protection; targeted social assistance; million people; financial sector performance; risk of debt; major trading partners; drop in remittance; electronic information system; early warning system; exchange rate depreciation; adverse social impact; impact of policy; IS Building; public sector wage; denial of service; personally identifiable information; Investment Project Financing; economic development strategy; national poverty rate; efficiency and quality; areas of specialization; acquisition of good; data quality control; information security awareness; exchange of data; Poverty and Equity; social and environmental; external economic shock; data collection method; data collection system; role of gender; data collection process; data collection cost; government finance statistic; international good practice; citizen engagement; data exchange; statistical system; data center; administrative datum; economic statistic; gender statistic; international standard; national account; Open Data; national statistical; statistical reporting; electronic datum; gender indicator; Gender Gap; private investment; business process; data privacy; user feedback; statistical survey; legal framework; investment climate; social issue; survey results; data loss; data recovery; business enterprise; natural disaster; data processing; software tool; data system; gender disparity; statistical methodology; civil works; environmental risk; data coverage; document management; organizational structure; socio-economic indicator; gender goal; environmental statistics; big data; administrative sources; fiscal revenue; recent years; fiscal situation; project costing; personnel training; commercial purpose; monitoring purposes; staff costs; staff induction; software system; user training; civil society; programming language; individual data; data provider; institutional framework; employment opportunities; employment opportunity; data requirement; Labor migration; audit activity; administrative statistics; government body; external imbalance; Maternal Mortality; rapid assessment; internal factor; heavily dependent; subject matter; data transparency; bank bailout; it infrastructure; administrative register; environmental outcome; staff capacity; economic slowdown; precious metal; domestic demand; digital government; electronic service; fiscal pressure; government activity; digital economy; skill requirement; staff mobility; retraining program; private consumption; professional growth; enabling environment; food price; institutional management; software application; market institution; imaging system; government good; quality datum; exclusion error; social policies; spatial disparities; regional statistics; Economic Policy; Environmental Policy; asset account; banking statistics; in poverty; social statistics; demographic statistic; sample household; sampling method; financial account; data tables; informal sector; military expenditure; gender strategy; expenditure estimates; gender program; data request; statistical indicator; economic recovery; online platform; rolling basis; project datum; public resource; public debate; financing instrument; Advisory services; new model; process system; result data; agricultural production; institutional cooperation; data transfer; landlocked country; physical location; malicious program; prevention system; backup storage



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