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Involving local communities in saving the Brazilian rain forest : Pilot Program Demonstration Projects (PDA) : Hacer partícipe a las comunidades locales en las labores para salvar la selva tropical brasilena (espagnol)

Building the capacity of local communities to develop, adapt, and implement environmentally sound forms of resource use is essential for promoting sustainable development in the Brazilian rain forest. Since 1995, the Demonstration Projects (PDA) have been providing resources for promoting, testing, and disseminating a wide range of community-based initiatives in both the Amazon and Atlantic Forest regions. The demonstration projects have three aims: to stimulate the development of environmentally, economically and socially sustainable systems of natural resource management and conservation by local communities through a small grants program; to inform other community groups, researchers, and policymakers about the lessons learned from local sub-projects; and to strengthen the capacity of local populations and support two of the most important Brazilian NGO networks: GTA (Amazon Working Group) and RMA (Atlantic Forest Network).




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