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South Sudan : impact of a continued internal conflict on food security and poverty – poverty note (anglais)


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    Pape,Utz Johann

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    Document de travail

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    Soudan du Sud,

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    South Sudan : impact of a continued internal conflict on food security and poverty – poverty note

  • Mots clé

    consumption;data needs;agricultural production;food aid;border closure;internal conflict;impact of price changes;crude oil via pipeline;poverty head count;access to feeder road;construction of access road;food price;terms of trade;food insecure people;loss of harvest;impact on poverty;history of conflict;change in prices;availability of food;consumer price index;increase in prices;investments in agriculture;urban household;poverty estimate;competitive exchange rate;public works program;data collection effort;displacement of people;loss of asset;disruption of trade;commodity price shock;living in poverty;household food security;food food;grain storage facility;production aid;original poverty line;loss of income;transportation of food;sale of asset;source of food;food poverty line;high poverty rate;prices of import;baseline poverty rate;compensation for damage;preparation of food;private consumption growth;private sector policy;rural road construction;consumption of households;market exchange rate;removal of barrier;consumption per household;domestic food production;reduction of uncertainty;official exchange rate;poverty depth of;number of beneficiaries;access to food;food assistance program;cessation of hostility;food availability;household consumption;rural area;food insecurity;food utilization;market access;agricultural potential;Exchange Rates;poor household;coping strategy;oil production;productive asset;affected households;humanitarian assistance;Oil Export;mitigation measure;high transportation;food import;rural population;affected population;oil revenue;food access;consumption loss;staple food;substitution effect;humanitarian response;incidence curve;average poverty;open borders;food intake;market price;demand system;farmer;commercial farmer;negative shock;local market;military conflict;vulnerable group;ruling party;emergency food;Civil War;transportation cost;subsistence farmer;security situation;urban population;cultivated land;food market;increase poverty;expenditure group;rural market;insurance product;Fragile Countries;fiscal balance;military operation;subsistence farming;caloric intake;nutritious diet;urban market;humanitarian work;fiscal impact;average change;dietary diversity;foreign currency;affected state;arable land;livestock price;real gdp;displacement effect;consumption level;cropland expansion;foreign exchange;agricultural good;natural shock;food purchase;military action;local food;



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