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Lao People’s Democratic Republic - Scaling-Up Participatory Sustainable Forest Management Project : Joint Implementation Support Mission - May 20 to 31, 2019 (anglais)


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    République démocratique populaire lao,

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    Asie de l’Est et Pacifique,

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    Lao People’s Democratic Republic - Scaling-Up Participatory Sustainable Forest Management Project : Joint Implementation Support Mission - May 20 to 31, 2019

  • Mots clé

    forest plantation; pulp mill; protected area; economic and financial analysis; draft regulation; access to international market; provision of water supply; sustainable forest management; forest industry sector; customary land tenure; raw material supply; forest land use; plantation forest; law and regulation; wood processing industry; sustainable land use; shortage of funds; source of financing; social and environmental; ethnic group development; law enforcement recommendation; safety of worker; financing development; construction of school; access to land; fair market price; agricultural production system; private sector financing; agricultural commercialization; agricultural land use; wood raw material; forest law enforcement; forest landscape restoration; law enforcement agencies; cross border trade; culture and tradition; level of governance; land use plan; core forest zone; chain of custody; land use planning; forest restoration; salvage logging; enforcement agency; village forest; legal framework; development partner; forestry sector; plantation forestry; forest inspection; forest estate; web portal; working condition; environmental safeguard; district authority; company policy; knowledge product; resettlement program; agricultural productivity; rapid assessment; task forces; green growth; land concession; results framework; natural regeneration; agroforestry system; extension service; forest certification; watershed management; investment framework; threat assessment; forest product; regulatory environment; international agency; landscape approach; financial benefit; joint implementation; transport cost; wood industry; risk activities; cross-border trade; interagency collaboration; water use; interagency cooperation; civil society; livelihood development; certification process; stable for governance; community level; environmental planning; forestry production; Forest Conservation; international conservation; production capacity; strategic location; buffer zone; acacia species; working relationship; eucalyptus wood; supply chain; community land; farm land; rural population; land resources; indigenous forest; forestry operation; development work; pulp company; enforcement action; forest sector; poverty alleviation; fertilizer production; Natural Resources; adequate resources; Landscape Management; green jobs; landscape program; settlement study; Impact assessments; target beneficiary; verbal request; mission documents; fertilizer application; human capital; conservation management; outgrower arrangement; timber production; community forestry; land administration; customary tenure; project finance; public financing; plantation resource; community watershed; forest production; land area; limited water; disbursement rate; insufficient fund; Contractual obligations; Advisory services; local livelihoods; forestry reform; quality draft; monitoring activity; storage capacity; donor community; natural disaster; future investment; funds availability; rural village; environmental accident; special assessment; safeguard policy; written evidence; community participation; pulp production; production chain; Safeguard Policies; procurement documents; socio-economic development; procurement performance; Pending Approval; sustainable agriculture; expenditure amount; meeting room; garden plant; flood risk; forest degradation; transportation corridor; site selection; transport logistic; carbon storage; sustainability policy; central regions; Ethnic Minorities; social standard; government staff; extension activity; alternative livelihood; improve forest; regenerating forests; weed species; budget constraint; native species; land-use zoning; supplementary training; internal audits; documentary evidence; interagency coordination; restored area; investment planning; cross sectoral; investment potential; direct funding; awareness workshop; Climate Risk; Indicator Target; nature tourism; wood supply; timber plantation; landscape level; farmer



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