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Disclosable Version of the ISR - Tamil Nadu Health System Reform Program - P166373 - Sequence No : 05 (anglais)


  • Auteur

    Hasan,Rifat Afifa

  • Date du document


  • Type de document

    Rapport sur l’état d’avancement et les résultats des projets

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  • Région

    Asie du Sud,

  • Date de publication


  • Disclosure Status


  • Titre du rapport

    Disclosable Version of the ISR - Tamil Nadu Health System Reform Program - P166373 - Sequence No : 05

  • Mots clé

    Social and Behavior Change Communication; Reproductive and Child Health; trauma centers; modern methods of contraception; breast cancer; secondary facility; quality of care; quality improvement intervention; modern contraceptive prevalence; tertiary care; complete audit; disbursement linked indicators; Electronic Medical Records; number of women; emergency care system; lactational amenorrhoea method; refresher training course; health facility; research proposal; state health; cervical cancer; blood pressure; Mental health; quality certification; statistical significance; trauma care; operational research; emergency department; operational plan; tertiary level; primary care; Waste Management; Antenatal Care; Public Facilities; medical college; blood glucose; blood sugar; social accountability; data model; citizen engagement; integrated system; increased transparency; base management; Health Workers; male condom; health care facilities; pregnant woman; satisfactory progress; competent authority; modern contraception; Intrauterine Device; contraceptive pill; female sterilization; procurement system; biomedical waste; liquid waste; task forces; operation risk; risk category; health workforce; contract performance; program development; mean point; ambulance system; immunization service; road safety; days method; health issue; electronic health; patient satisfaction; patient outcomes; care facility; environment strategy; audit checklists; audit manual; expenditure module; fact sheet; audit system; emergency contraception; accounting staff; Nurses



Version officielle du document (peut inclure des signatures etc…)