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Disclosable Restructuring Paper - Cambodia Agricultural Sector Diversification Project - P163264 (anglais)


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    Document de projet

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    Asie de l’Est et Pacifique,

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    Disclosable Restructuring Paper - Cambodia Agricultural Sector Diversification Project - P163264

  • Mots clé

    beneficiary household; Environmental and Social Management Framework; economic and financial analysis; Environmental and Social Impact; Environmental and Social Safeguard; gross sale; Agriculture Information Systems; agricultural support service; diversified agriculture; private sector service; Investment Project Financing; kingdom of cambodia; Local Economic Development; access to food; high value crops; Indigenous People Plan; eligibility for benefits; short term intervention; Agricultural Value Chain; access to water; field office staff; statement of fact; irrigation or drainage; improved food security; current expenditure; geographical area; tube wells; emergency response; agricultural input; production activity; financial sustainability; drainage service; disbursement arrangement; marketable surplus; rapid assessment; external auditing; calendar year; target beneficiary; water infrastructure; private provider; Disbursement - Total; infrastructure activities; first year; financial reporting; financial resource; active participation; agricultural production; intermediate indicator; local market; home consumption; selection criterion; livestock product; household income; global pandemic; migrant worker; laid-off worker; rural population; field observation; livelihood improvement; production input; return migrant; vulnerable household; rehabilitation activities; raw material; Indigenous Peoples; land acquisition; involuntary resettlement; accident reporting; result indicator; international market; Consulting services; acceptable quality; response activity; evaluation component; results framework; increased revenue; financing instrument; production increase; financial service; transaction account; credit proceeds; matching grant; safeguard policy; product market; Safeguard Policies; redress mechanism; managing risk; irrigation infrastructure



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