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Tonga - First Economic Reform Support Operation (anglais)


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    IEG Review Team

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    Examen des rapports de fin d’exécution

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    Asie de l’Est et Pacifique,

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  • Titre du rapport

    Tonga - First Economic Reform Support Operation

  • Mots clé

    Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability; soft drink; Public Financial Management; renewable energy generation; staff turnover; Tax Exemption; government capacity; theory of change; Business Enabling Environment; state owned enterprise; consumer price index; contingency fund; electricity cost; electricity tariff; low-volume consumer; lifeline tariff; natural disaster; resource rent tax; categories of risk; health care cost; Electricity Tariff Structure; tax on cigarette; implementation of reform; promoting energy efficiency; corporate income tax; terms of consumption; Development Policy Operation; small island economies; trade and investment; Civil Service Reform; public procurement contract; ownership of reform; shares of contract; political economy factor; knowledge of procurement; free trade agreement; public procurement process; legal reform work; adoption of policy; economic institution; Fiscal policies; fiscal policy; procurement capacity; external shock; political context; excise duty; inclusive growth; political commitment; Energy Sector; political risk; reform actions; capacity constraint; fiscal management; medium-term perspective; limited capacity; Extractive Industry; tax base; managing risk; strategic focus; incentive policy; retail price; preparatory work; insufficient information; strengthen budget; domestic revenue; tax rate; donor coordination; discretionary allocation; joint mission; procurement threshold; budget support; procurement requirement; government commitment; staff retention; project datum; private provider; capacity limitation; external assistance; small economy; political change; donor funding; legislative action; outcome indicator; political reality; business environment; fuel price; power price; tax system; government institution; electricity lifeline; agriculture sector; telecommunication sector; occupancy rate; health benefit; Indicator Target; procurement procedure; budget execution; excise tax; additional revenue; island economy; strategic approach; behavioral change; tourism revenue; hotel sector; business insolvency; enterprise performance; improved public; Macroeconomic Management; foreign exchange; damage equivalent; real gdp; common sense; agricultural sector; plan of Operations; program objectives; program development; public resource; formal procedures; annual budget; procurement action; ad valorem; capacity strengthening; resource mobilization; tax burden



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