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Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) - Moldova Water Security and Sanitation Project - P173076 (anglais)


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    Borrowing Agency

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    Stakeholder Engagement Plan

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    Europe et Asie centrale,

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  • Titre du rapport

    Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) - Moldova Water Security and Sanitation Project - P173076

  • Mots clé

    right to freedom of expression; Water Supply and Sanitation Delivery; integrated water resources management; water supply and sanitation service; Environmental and Social Impact Assessment; regional development agency; water and sanitation utility; Environmental and Social Performance; management of water supply; resettlement action plan; project design and implementation; Grievance Redress Service; lack of wastewater treatment; improvement of water supply; quality of water supply; performance of service provider; efficiency of service delivery; borrower need; wastewater collection and treatment; stakeholder engagement; sanitation and hygiene; grievance redress mechanism; water and sewerage; access to information; sanitation service provider; people with disability; health care centers; access to water; education and health; right to appeal; appropriate mitigation measures; construction and rehabilitation; wastewater treatment plant; areas of health; negative environmental impact; local capacity building; water supply connection; social and environmental; local government administration; local public administration; consultations with stakeholders; lack of sanitation; national legal system; delivery of water; health care facilities; health care facility; climate change impact; alternative dispute resolution; completeness of information; infrastructure and facilities; access to internet; water supply service; vulnerable population group; access to sanitation; principle of transparency; water intake facility; drinking water quality; transparency of information; international good practice; social assistance system; achievement of targets; service delivery arrangement; interests of stakeholder; participation in policy; sewage treatment plant; community consultation meetings; right to information; finance activity; land acquisition process; institutional capacity development; on-site sanitation facility; procurement and disbursement; continuous training; opportunities for corruption; territorial development; investment interest; international financing; information and communication; service delivery performance; consultation of stakeholders; vulnerable group; citizen engagement; public consultation; focus group; project impact; rural area; national legislation; civil society; stakeholder consultation; consulting service; Consulting services; consultation process; Sanitation Services; stakeholder identification; public authority; beneficiary survey; Elderly People; vulnerable household; social institution; vulnerable category; stakeholder interest; beneficiary feedback; wastewater service; investment program; rural village; professional development; electronic form; affected communities; business environment; educational institution; gender assessment; academic institution; administrative code; vulnerable people; online platform; single-parent family; grievance mechanism; technical college; phone number; performance assessment; connection fee; ethnic group; local radio; daily bases; professional association; social network; medical center; exchange information; increased transparency; emergency response; qualitative research; loan proceeds; local stakeholder; Social Assessment; broad participation; information provider; cultural beliefs; mutual respect; water bill; financial audits; hard copy; plan of Operations; ITS Services; project intervention; legal entities; core values; russian language; legal entity; health institution; construction contractor; vulnerable individual; supplementary information; family life; academic sector; online tool; special provision; external assistance; informal groups; governmental entity; separate meeting; mediation process; state environmental; government stakeholders; development partner; preparation mission; results framework; pay principle; precautionary principle; state authority; consultancy service; affected persons; consultative process; legislative provision; funding source; local committee



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