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Annual_ NSA Report_2018-2019.pdf (anglais)


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    Msiwa,Tandile Gugu Zizile

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    Document d'audit

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    Annual_ NSA Report_2018-2019.pdf

  • Mots clé

    Income and Expenditure Survey; business process; state-owned enterprise; statistical term; Urban and Rural Development; qualified audit opinion; Signed MOUs; role of aid; Check and Balances; gross domestic product; national policy maker; performance management training; opportunities for exposure; global positioning system; corporate social responsibility; performance management system; geographic information system; shared file systems; online resources; statistical system; human capital; best practice; professional capacity; corporate charter; national culture; data warehouse; policy formulation; data quality; data processing; evidence-based policy; Town Planning; organisational structure; social statistics; first year; high performance; land reform; Business Continuity; economic statistic; career path; integrated management; leadership development; international standard; effective governance; performance reviews; ethical leadership; good governance; rating agency; outreach service; legislative change; national assembly; international stakeholders; macroeconomic data; socio-economic indicator; Cash flow; financial datum; financial affair; strategic objective; demographic statistic; technical standard; individual skill; core values; corporate value; enabling legislation; field operations; corporate information; housing census; finance manager; legal development; fishery management; resources management; corporate governance; external stakeholder; executive management; agency risk; financial control; business environment; institutional design; Data Production; official statistic; transparent manner; management skill; professional network; financial resource; statistical information; meeting room; conducting business; innovative way; international donor; data portal; joint session; budgetary limitation; consultative sessions; in-house training; performance agreement; performance contract; performance rating; procurement process; household questionnaire; household level; quality datum; mortality estimate; death registration; new employees; social variable; vital statistic; project plan; succession planning; primary purpose; tracking system; financial result; production efficiency; production system; business intelligence; government resource; government institution; government post; Job Grades; transparent process; health facility; government data; spatial information; data exchange; data system; portal system; data sharing; road authority; village council; town council; staff development; operational demands; sample design; estimation procedure; energy balance; fellow employees; internal resources; extensive use; staff turnover; career opportunity; exit interview; value addition; long-term growth; intangible asset; administrative datum; adversely impact; poverty trend; corporate cost; statistical compilation; international fishery; public health; good policy; social intervention; labour market; chartered accountant; Job Creation; financial research; independent country; insufficient funding; coherent framework; demographic survey; target market; rural community; demographic landscape; Population Projection; annual budget; valuable asset; statistical reports; geological map; database creation; financial statement; business logistic; land survey; demography



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