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Additional Financing Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Additional Financing for the Senegal COVID-19 Response Project - P175992 (anglais)


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    Environmental and Social Review Summary

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    Africa West,

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    Additional Financing Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Additional Financing for the Senegal COVID-19 Response Project - P175992

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    Environmental and Social Review Summary; medical waste management plan; Occupational health and safety; Vaccines; Environmental and Social Performance; sustainable management; providers of health care; health and safety risk; Environmental and Social Impact; local public; international good practice; health care facility; risk of contamination; code of conduct; capacity building program; vulnerable social group; disease surveillance system; access to vaccine; public health intervention; community engagement plan; community at large; negative social impacts; technical assistance service; infection control precautions; social and environmental; health delivery system; illness and death; access to treatment; waste management practice; distribution of vaccines; hazardous waste management; safety of worker; Public Health Emergency; Social Risk Rating; quality of vaccine; availability of vaccine; appropriate mitigation measures; health care facilities; risk communication; health facility; Natural Resources; Health Workers; Social Conflict; national immunization; financial intermediaries; quarantine facility; environmental risk; safeguard specialist; Cultural Heritage; stakeholder engagement; vulnerable group; vaccination strategy; biomedical waste; equitable access; public awareness; general population; population group; land use; heat wave; climate variability; sexual harassment; awareness raising; vulnerable people; emergency preparedness; social activities; adverse health; energy loss; child labor; life-saving vaccines; interested stakeholders; vaccine storage; cold chain; resettlement issue; social inclusion; Infectious Disease; general assessment; potential exposure; civil works; Waste Material; security personnel; project finance; laboratory staff; volcanic eruption; pandemic situation; civil right; civil rights; delivering vaccines; short supply; human security; rehabilitation activities; land acquisition; natural disaster; social tension; female staff; regulatory standard; effective risk; the administration; public space; physical characteristic; adequate signage; results framework; health response; development partner; behavioral change; Extractive Industry; health specialist; preventive measure; institutional framework; vaccination program; worker protection; international waterway; detailed planning; electronic registry; outreach campaign; national risk; healthcare worker; social media; financing instrument; disease outbreak; mass media; laboratory personnel; preparedness capacity; social engagement; communications campaign; financing facility; citizen engagement; water bodies; disposal system; indigenous communities; hospital hygiene; safety boxes; fund activity; voluntary basis; supply chain; vaccine vials; cement factories; vaccination campaign; laboratory worker; diagnostic testing; forced labor; indigenous community; project sustainability; political support; social mobilization; vaccination effort; prevention strategies; global pandemic; project intervention; school entry; compulsory vaccination



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