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Vietnam - Emergency Flood Disaster Reconstruction Project : resettlement plan (Vol. 4) : Resettlement action plan – Phu Yen subproject (anglais)

The development objective of the Emergency Flood Disaster Reconstruction Project for Vietnam is support the government in overcoming long-term natural disasters through reconstruction of prioritized infrastructures in some flood-damaged provinces in 2016 and through capacity building for efficient response to natural disasters in the coming years. Some of the negative impacts and mitigation measures are include : (i) cash compensation for affected agricultural land; (ii) livelihood restoration assistance will be provided for the affected land; (iii) for agricultural, garden and pond land adjacent to, but not included in the category of residential land, affected households (AHs) will receive assistance according to the provisions of the PPC; (iv) all compensation for loss of residential land will be made in cash at 100 percent replacement cost; (v) compensation and assistance will be paid in cash, without any depreciation of the structure and without deduction for salvageable materials; (vi) for annual and perennial standing crops, regardless of the legal status of the land, compensation will be paid to households who cultivate the land, according to full replacement cost will be paid to the affected persons who cultivate the land; (vii) For aquatic livestock which are not due to be harvested at the time of land recovery, the harvest will be compensated in cash at replacement cost at the time of land acquisition; (viii) in the case of the affected households is equipped with telephone system, water meter, electric meter, cable TV, internet access (subscription), well shall be compensated according to unit price of installing new units offer service announcement or relocation costs due to service providers regulations; (ix) households, individuals who are compensated by agricultural land will be, supported production rehabilitation; (x) for land acquisition of public land funds of communes, wards or townships, the assistance level is sixty percent price of same-type agricultural land in the price list issued by the PPC; (xi) other poor AHs, will be assisted in cash equal to thirty kilograms rice per person per month for a period of six months or in accordance with provincial policy, whichever is higher; (xii) damaged property will be restored to its former condition by contractors, immediately upon completion of civil works; and (xiv) in case the project causes restriction of access to resources or residents’ establishments, such households will be received necessary additional compensation amount or allowances.




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