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China - Chongqing New Urbanization Pilot and Demonstration Project : environmental assessment (Vol. 2) : Environmental and social assessment for Nan'an district component (anglais)

The development objective of the Chongqing New Urbanization Pilot and Demonstration Project for China is to improve use of public space and increase pedestrian mobility in selected districts of Chongqing’s Central city. Some of the negative impacts and mitigation measures include: (1) during the construction, reasonable noise isolation and reduction measures shall be taken during the project design to mitigate the impact of construction noise on the field construction workers; (2) the parks shall maintain the natural landscape and harmonize with the surrounding environment as much as possible; (3) solid waste produced during the construction phase shall be directly transported to surrounding legal spoil area; (4) implement automobile exhaust emission testing system and prevent passage of vehicle with exhaust emission beyond standard; (5) domestic sewage generated in public spaces will be discharged to municipal pipe network; and (6) construction sewage can be recycled after oil separation settlement or be used for water splashing and dust suppression in the construction site and road, without being discharged outside.


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    CCTEG Chongqing Engineering

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    Évaluation environnementale

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    Asie de l’Est et Pacifique,

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    Environmental and social assessment for Nan'an district component

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    Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building; construction phase; Land Acquisition and Resettlement; Institutional Development and Capacity; surface water; acoustic environment; physical cultural resources; state forestry administration; ambient air quality; environment impact assessment; urban road network; impact of land; urban regeneration; surface water body; analysis of alternatives; wastewater treatment system; public parking lot; land administration law; construction of bridges; transportation of waste; water quality standard; terrestrial wild animal; local waste collection; city water supply; comprehensive pollution control; construction of facilities; sewage treatment plant; drinking water source; planning and design; solid waste treatment; regular waste collection; water supply source; water purification plant; public space; legal framework; safeguard policy; construction area; Safeguard Policies; pedestrian walkway; garbage collection; main road; public consultation; construction site; forest park; atmospheric environment; pollution prevention; public engagement; mitigation measure; scenic areas; assessment rate; ecological protection; project construction; exhaust gas; water area; urban districts; rain water; construction machine; oily water; pipe network; water environment; municipal sewage; wastewater pollution; fuel storage; noise pollution; automobile exhaust; protection measure; ecological environment; geographic location; industrial wastewater; asphalt pavement; field investigation; mountain region; noise level; statistical table; environment quality; rural area; property right; pollution level; forestry planning; local law; special fund; aquatic habitat; assessment standard; plant species; emission standard; pollution source; clean fuel; natural habitat; ecological function; project intervention; classification standard; solid material; fixed point; spawning habitat; urban layout; environmental condition; construction wastewater; public place; wastewater discharge; construction supervision; noise impact; road condition; central city; rural resident; integrated development; exhaust particulate; unpaved road; pedestrian mobility; student school; city road; traffic system; drainage pipe; construction management; storage area; sanitation department; infrastructure service; driving distance; urban construction; Cultural Heritage; residential area; road section; environmental space; architectural style; noxious substance; garbage treatment; total fuel; secondary road; atmospheric pollutant; waste water; urban sewage; large vehicle; school student; discharge standard; land occupation; tourist attraction; urban design; road pavement; arterial road; traffic corridor; soil erosion; scientific outlook; garbage cans; construction activities; travel mode; dry weather; vegetable oil; direct discharge; crushed stone; noise monitoring; ammonia nitrogen; management framework; physical work; residential building; sewage water; conservation area; local resident; nature reserve; public toilet; municipal facility; cleaning activities; municipal road; bike trail; noise prevention; construction method; plant resource; international waterway; social impact; geographical location; social environment; factor analysis; environmental pollution; natural environment; urban houses; environmental functions; public concern; terrestrial animal; project reporting; contract management; land area; historic area; historical building; historical site; involuntary resettlement; cultural relic



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