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Appraisal Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Support for Transition to Labor Market Project - P171471 (anglais)


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    Environmental and Social Review Summary

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    Europe et Asie centrale,

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    Appraisal Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Support for Transition to Labor Market Project - P171471

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    Environmental and Social Review Summary; health status; On the Job Training; active labor market program; monitoring and evaluation data; community health and safety; low labor force participation; access to labor market; sustainable management; broad range of stakeholders; influx of refugees; safety net program; official minimum wage; grievance redress mechanism; number of refugees; formal labor market; availability of resource; labor market adjustment; grounds of race; join trade union; support for refugee; agriculture and forestry; prohibition of discrimination; cash for work; labor market condition; minimum working age; public sector employment; access to job; working age population; social security system; gender sensitization training; labor market need; job placement service; intimate partner violence; job search assistance; integration of foreigner; high unemployment rate; primary school education; high school education; social insurance law; stakeholder engagement; Host Communities; social assistance; Employment Services; social tension; work permit; grievance mechanism; counseling service; social cohesion; contract worker; employment opportunities; forced labor; employment opportunity; vulnerable group; environmental risk; labor right; Cultural Heritage; community center; community workers; formal employment; land acquisition; local population; Health Service; employment agency; finance provision; employment guarantee; involuntary resettlement; cultural norm; construction work; Informal Work; adaptation program; financial intermediaries; national employment; positive impact; small Works; Migration Policies; social distance; workplace culture; Vocational Training; vulnerable people; workers benefit; informal sector; overtime work; political opinion; food processing; communication strategy; temporary protection; refugee influx; social disruption; international standard; workplace environment; beneficiary assessment; birth certificate; existing capacity; equipment installation; pandemic risk; renovation work; eligibility criterion; environmental mitigation; Social Assessment; large portfolio; national environmental; social impact; stakeholder consultation; domestic work; beneficiary list; feedback mechanism; government issue; employment outcome; Wage Subsidies; disclosing information; medical examination; grant recipient; geographic coverage; national regulation; employment training; gender norm; public awareness; civil works; counseling activities; vocational counseling; working condition; existing law; registered refugees; general assessment; employment incentive; job counseling; wage subsidy; project datum; labor legislation; institutional stakeholders; Cash Transfer; Equal Opportunity; governing body; Safeguard Policies; safeguard policy; informal labor; project risk; labor management; institutional framework; educated population; supply chain; political pressure; employment creation; physical characteristic; high concentration; market participation; administrative processes; labor mobility; job opportunities; job opportunity; project costing; risk communication; hourly rate; time off; regulatory change; financial compensation; hazardous occupation; tax revenue; national legislation; administrative procedure; workers compensation; online system; survey data; public worker; turkish language; education level; marital status; drop out; refugee woman; language barrier; online channels; labor demand; rising unemployment; disabled person; in work; integration tool; employment assistance; communication plan; land use; affected communities; sustainable livelihood; cash assistance; financing instrument; employment program; transition process; mean locality; risk assessment; support system; Public Services; preferential access; household constraint; displacement crisis; economic stress; Natural Resources; family responsibility; political volatility



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