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Better governance improves quality of education in Bangladesh : Una gestion mas adecuada mejora la educacion en Bangladesh (espagnol)

While Bangladesh has made impressive gains in access to education, governance constraints have contributed to the poor quality of education at all levels. The World Bank has supported the implementation of substantive policy reforms through a series of development support credits - education sector development support credit (ESDSC) I and II. There has been an appreciable improvement in quality of the secondary education system, with 80,000 more children passing grade 12 (as the pass rates increased from 40 percent in 2001 to 48 percent in 2004), and improved governance and transparency in the system, including a fall in teacher absenteeism. The Bank is assisting the government in undertaking the third phase of the reform agenda aimed at addressing systemic governance issues in order to raise the quality and cost-effectiveness of service delivery, and improve equity of access to secondary education.


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    Asie du Sud,

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    Una gestion mas adecuada mejora la educacion en Bangladesh

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    pass rate;strengthening school management;implementation of reform;millennium development goal;secondary level;teacher absenteeism;Access to Education;secondary education system;education for all;cost-effectiveness of service;equity of access;international good practice;registration of school;quality of education;provision of education;textbook production;interest group;long-term sustainability;pass grade;quality improvement;enhancing transparency;Teacher Recruitment;program effectiveness;school performance;governance constraints;Teacher Certification;private contractor;school design;financial incentive;government budget;medium-term framework;governance issue;improving governance;



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