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Labor Management Procedures Local Government COVID-19 Response & Recovery Project (P174937) (anglais)


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    Borrowing Agency

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    Procedure and Checklist

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    Asie du Sud,

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  • Titre du rapport

    Labor Management Procedures Local Government COVID-19 Response & Recovery Project (P174937)

  • Mots clé

    terms and conditions of employment; employee will re; Occupational health and safety; community health and safety; occupational safety and health; Gender-Based Violence; Infection Prevention and Control; Workplace Safety and Health; safe disposal of wastes; health and safety requirement; capacity-building support; occupational health service; personal protective equipment; disaster risk management; urban local government; age of employment; person with disability; appropriate mitigation measures; termination of employment; capacity building support; access to training; local government institution; creating job opportunity; appropriate risk assessment; code of conduct; availability of resource; medical waste management; risk of infection; child labor elimination; contract of employment; international development finance; water supply worker; freedom of association; local health authorities; exploitation of child; award of contract; movement of worker; protection of wage; safe working conditions; place of work; standard and guideline; health care facility; health care facilities; income generating activity; risk of accident; number of workers; migrant contract workers; use of force; continuity of supply; ease of use; Investment Project Financing; Local Economic Development; national health-sector; protection of woman; local government support; local government department; involvement of communities; public sector employment; law enforcement agencies; payment of wage; grievance redress mechanism; community workers; civil works; forced labor; sexual harassment; minimum age; Equal Opportunity; leave entitlement; construction work; labor influx; in work; digital technology; remedial action; grievance mechanism; safety specialist; women worker; labor condition; legal framework; regular monitoring; security personnel; fair treatment; labor issue; core functions; public servant; continuous basis; vulnerable group; health check; minimum wage; policy statement; road repair; financial reporting; administrative arrangement; flammable gas; interagency coordination; safe access; Project Monitoring; technical back stopping; individual expert; dangerous machinery; civil workers; inspection requirement; manufacturing process; finance activity; applicable law; psychological stress; psychological distress; manual job; water pipeline; public place; behavioral requirement; internal migrant; infrastructure work; birth certificate; construction period; female workers; equal work; equal wage; contractual requirement; labor camp; hazardous work; manual labor; construction activities; health awareness; marital status; contract duration; maternity leave; administrative function; sick leave; annual leave; grievance procedure; job description; vulnerable people; environmental safeguard; migrant worker; public meeting; exposure risk; healthcare worker; infected people; potential exposure; product profile; acceptable standard; labor relation; labor requirement; construction site; health emergency; protective mask; agreed period; legal system; pandemic situation; appropriate skill; active participation; disciplinary practices; employment relationship; job requirement; work force; assessing risk; wage board; working day; overtime work; temporary worker; communication strategy; public health; health facility; local supply; initial screening; affected worker; preventative measure; Disease Control; mandatory training; legal authority; national identity; regional support; serious consequences; small-scale infrastructure; awareness campaign; street cleaning; physical activity; national legislation; working age; explosive gas; urban service; emergency response; physical construction; efficient management; vulnerable worker; labor resource; social distance; ethnic identities; project operation; special provision; regular meetings; national authority; preparedness plan; road infrastructure; garbage collection; contingency plan



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