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The Construction of Timber Houses in Chile : A Pillar of Sustainable Development and the Agenda for Economic Recovery (anglais)

The study assesses the state of timber construction in the country, and the potential for industrialized timber construction to help overcome the social housing deficit while revitalizing growth and lessening the construction sector’s impact on climate change. This study has been prepared as a technical policy input aimed at supporting the Government’s efforts to increase the construction of timber housing as a key pillar of its sustainable development and green reactivation agenda. The study consists of four chapters. Chapter one addresses the global construction crisis and the opportunity for Chile to lead the way in green construction using timber for social housing; chapter two assesses the effects of regulatory frameworks on timber construction; chapter three provides a financial analysis of timber construction in Chile; and chapter four analyzes barriers and opportunities for creating an action plan for timber housing. Each chapter includes an initial summary, a description of the methodology used for that chapter’s analysis, and a concluding section which details the chapter’s main findings.




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