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Bolivia - Nutrition at a glance : Bolivia - Nutricion de un vistazo (espagnol)

The World Bank is currently supporting the US$25 million Expanding Access to Reduce Health Inequities Project, the third phase of a series of operations geared towards reducing chronic malnutrition among children under two years of age; and promoting demand and access to maternal and infant health care services in areas with the most severe levels of food insecurity and highest undernutrition indicators. Through the Investment in Child and Youth Project the bank is also supporting the implementation of the conditional cash transfer program (CCT) Bono Juana Azurduy, as well as the strengthening of the implementing agency Ministry of Health and Sports (MOH) to carry out, monitor and supervise the program.


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    Amérique latine et Caraïbes,

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    Bolivia - Nutricion de un vistazo

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    Adult Health, aged, agriculture, anemia, breast milk, breastfeeding, carbohydrates, child deaths, child feeding, Child Growth, Chronic Diseases, complementary feeding, deworming, diabetes, diarrhea, Disease, Diseases, fats, food access, food industry, food insecurity, Food Policy, food security, foods, health care, health care system, heart disease, High Disease Burden, Human Capital, Human Development, Hunger, illness, inequities, infant, infant Feeding, infant Feeding Practices, infants, infection, infections, Iodine, iodine deficiency, iodine deficiency disorders, iron, Iron Deficiency, Life expectancy, Lifetime risk, Low birth weight, Malnutrition, maternal death, Maternal Nutrition, micronutrient interventions, mineral, mortality, mortality rate, nutrients, NutritioN, nutrition interventions, nutritional needs, obesity, Pregnant Women, Preschool Children, prevalence, Productivity, Progress, salt iodization, severity of disease, stunting, treatment, undernutrition, vitamin, vitamin A, Vitamin A Deficiency, vitamin A supplementation, Wasting, young child



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