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Project Information Document - Support for Transition to Labor Market Project - P171471 (anglais)


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    Document d’information sur le projet

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    Europe et Asie centrale,

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    Project Information Document - Support for Transition to Labor Market Project - P171471

  • Mots clé

    Environmental and Social Risk Classification; Labor Market; active labor market program; access to labor market; International Trade and Investment; refugee-hosting country; monitoring and evaluation data; process use; real gross domestic product; community health and safety; social assistance; formal labor market; amount of liquidity; grievance redress mechanism; current account deficit; official minimum wage; integration of refugees; livelihood support program; point of entry; job training program; private sector credit; foreign currency debt; job search assistance; current account imbalance; social assistance program; safety net program; demand for transport; Investment Project Financing; social assistance interventions; capacity development activity; Host Communities; counseling service; Employment Services; Migration Policies; citizenship status; Advisory services; environmental risk; employment status; social tension; emergency social; social cohesion; supply chain; data exchange; Data Integration; data management; vocational counseling; construction work; program impact; data system; management responsibility; regular monitoring; sustainable livelihood; job placement; transition process; social disruption; information exchange; national environmental; temporary protection; artificial intelligence; institutional context; fiscal side; communication strategy; skill development; counseling activities; finance provision; employment guarantee; health condition; Child protection; soft skills; refugee population; it infrastructure; support system; program beneficiary; life-skills orientation; local population; appropriate service; evidence-based policy; cash assistance; environmental mitigation; Cash Transfer; stakeholder engagement; turkish lira; inclusive growth; national employment; poverty incidence; foreign exchange; debt stock; employment opportunity; negative growth; employment opportunities; positive impact; economic recovery; international waterway; policy requirement; labor right; existing law; Informal Work; financing instrument; forced labor; Cultural Heritage; application process; capacity constraint; involuntary resettlement; land acquisition; employment agency; bank regulator; domestic demand; supply side; existing capacity; project finance; grant recipient; employment loss; massive layoff; public bank; tax relief; unpaid leave; investment contract; private consumption; global economy; outreach activity; economic shock; information dissemination; external trade; evaluation activity; lower demand



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