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Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) - Zanzibar Energy Sector Transformation and Access Project - P169561 (anglais)


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    Borrowing Agency

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    Stakeholder Engagement Plan

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    Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) - Zanzibar Energy Sector Transformation and Access Project - P169561

  • Mots clé

    Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition; Environmental and Social Impact; Environmental and Social Performance; community health and safety; international energy; Environmental and Social Monitor; social and environmental; stakeholder engagement; supply of electricity; people with disability; renewable energy generation; Access to Electricity; energy sector development; grievance redress mechanism; Business Advisory Service; natural resource conservation; public consultation process; adults with disability; life of child; Disability & Development; women headed household; development of infrastructure; security of supply; focus group meeting; renewable natural resource; local capacity building; radio and television; gender based violence; health and hygiene; Gender-Based Violence; focus group interview; social inclusion support; loss of crop; participation of woman; flora and fauna; acquisition of land; conservation of flora; Water and Energy; renewable energy integration; interests of stakeholder; international good practice; vulnerable individual; community meetings; stakeholder consultation; public meeting; social media; stakeholder analysis; social standard; consultation method; transmission infrastructure; land acquisition; compensation payment; displaced person; Natural Resources; legal requirement; transmission line; affected communities; project impact; mitigation measure; Gender Equality; social environment; consultation meeting; two-way communication; best practice; stakeholder interest; gender mainstreaming; household connection; baseline information; Social Assessment; operational efficiency; institutional strengthening; public hearing; procurement documents; stakeholder identification; distribution network; network equipment; grid extension; loss reduction; equipment installation; project approval; land area; social class; language translation; local population; institutional stakeholders; social exclusion; academic institution; battery storage; solar farm; kv substation; phone call; standard framework; cadastral survey; impact analysis; distribution infrastructure; vulnerable group; engineering design; broad participation; consultancy service; International Phone Call; international guidelines; stakeholder concern; monitoring impacts; buffer zone; access road; personal relations; acquisition process; sensitive issues; land clearing; gender perspective; information dissemination; kv line; construction practices; illiterate stakeholders; house wiring; mass media; environmental conservation; mutual respect; grid expansion; effective participation; Solar Parks; resolution mechanism; written comment; social participation; personal achievement; rural village; judicial system; disease transmission; online form; several times; cultural beliefs; environmental authority; construction activities; job training; clean electricity; social data; online platform; print media; applicable legislation; consultation techniques; construction site; academic interest; local resident; first year; available energy; Power Generation; load growth; participatory approach; core values; grievance management; pension age; public concern; cultural conservation; forestry resource; governmental organisation; road maintenance; socio-economic factor; mitigation strategy; cash compensation; physical accessibility; early identification; business opportunity; social construction; household head; broad consultation; health expert; disabled people; hotel industry; community organisation; coastal tourism; geographic area; safety measure; production process; Cultural Heritage; international treaty; natural forest; consultation phase; safeguard specialist; consultative meeting; wind park; national forest; high court; record keeping; displaced people; baseline study; agriculture trade; entrepreneurial skill; supply chain; international environmental; non-governmental organization; chronic illness; electoral system; trade union; religious minority



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