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Final Addendum to Fiduciary Systems Assessment - Indonesia Emergency Response to COVID-19 Additional Financing - P175759 (anglais)


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    Program-for-Results Fiduciary Systems Assessment

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    Asie de l’Est et Pacifique,

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    Final Addendum to Fiduciary Systems Assessment - Indonesia Emergency Response to COVID-19 Additional Financing - P175759

  • Mots clé

    integrated fiduciary system assessment; supply chain and logistics; medical equipment and supplies; national disaster management; procurement of vaccine; cold chain equipment; public health facility; public health laboratory; invitation for bid; allegations of fraud; Health Workers; open tender; national procurement regulation; fiduciary systems assessment; distribution of vaccines; human resource capacity; financial management arrangement; accounting and reporting; maintenance of building; internal audit finding; Health Service Delivery; invitation to bid; national health insurance; lack of availability; program expenditure; emergency response; direct contracting; fiduciary risk; fiduciary arrangement; procurement process; line item; contract implementation; international agency; antigen testing; procurement data; cold storage; contract data; vaccine delivery; incentive payment; vaccination program; procurement activities; procurement method; government regulation; emergency situation; Consulting services; mitigation measure; expenditure framework; international market; fiduciary capacity; program oversight; competitive procurement; emergency procurement; budget execution; adverse events; electronic health; International Phone Call; external auditing; document management; health supply; record keeping; internal control; funds flow; budget allocation; social assistance; program effectiveness; recent experiences; supply use; objective criterion; reasonable assurance; financial statement; budget process; budget coordination; public tender; budget plan; procurement expenditure; civil works; separate account; contract signing; contract completion; e-government procurement; audit activity; procurement procedure; direct grant; own fund; grant funds; bid submission; grant financing; funds disbursement; domestic preference; vaccine distribution; clinical research; surgical mask; vaccination service; health infrastructure; government response; Public Services; program financing; information collection; temporary suspension; market analysis; limited information; cases reported; insufficient information; national system; public complaint; national budget; outcome indicator; procurement system; reporting requirement; clarification process



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