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Environment : optional sectoral module (anglais)

In a resilient city, environmental considerations are effectively mainstreamed into sectoral plans, programs, and investments (coordinated). Stability of the urban ecosystem is maintained through guided growth and implementation of environmental regulations (robust). Environmental protection agencies monitor changes to the environment are able to take early action to prevent environmental degradation (reflective). In a resilient city, natural resources and ecosystems are managed as public goods, including beyond municipal boundaries, and are used to buffer impacts of shocks and stresses (robust and coordinated). Accessibility and knowledge about effective use of ecosystem services is encouraged among the poor as a means of reducing food scarcity and improving livelihood options (redundant and inclusive).


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    Environment : optional sectoral module

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    Natural Resources; land use plan; Environmental Planning; ecosystem service; pollution of rivers; loss of biodiversity; adverse climate change; water retention ponds; impact of shock; exchange of data; impact of disaster; natural resource policy; disaster risk management; land use development; civil society group; management of ecosystems; land use change; provision of food; sea level rise; environmental regulation; urban ecosystem; baseline data; ecosystems management; food scarcity; natural disaster; affected communities; contingency fund; environmental degradation; environmental challenge; management service; rapid urbanization; environmental environmental; Urban Planning; social cohesion; environmental control; sustainable environment; natural processes; sectoral plan; environmental consideration; ecosystem development; environmental risk; natural environment; forest fire; environmental capacity; environmental performance; regular training; environment knowledge; environmental objective; city department; sectoral development; zoning plan; environmental agency; external expert; coping strategy; license requirement; funding source; zoning law; environmental asset; administrative boundary; environmental requirement; municipal boundaries; coastal area; natural hazard; Public Goods; urban activity; environmental problem; urban growth



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